Our team includes a comprehensive suite of practitioners whose sole focus is your project. Do you have a space that you think could benefit from the traffic and consumer interest of the food hall movement? Let us take a look. We can turn your space into a vibrant F&B destination and support it with a full suite of professional staff that solely operate food halls and are the best in the country at doing so. Our team can guide you through aspects of functional design, financial modeling, marketing, public relations, vendor sourcing, legal contracts, bar concepting, pricing structures and more.  



Politan Group is home to a family of properties including our first and anchor concept, St. Roch Market New Orleans, followed by St. Roch Market Miami in the city’s Design District, Auction House Market in New Orleans’ Warehouse District, Politan Row Chicago, Politan Row Houston and Cultivation Food Hall in Jackson, MS. Politan Group concepts vary from city to city—reflecting the unique culinary landscape of each location. They re-envision and elevate the food hall experience while celebrating the individuality of each city and its diverse citizens and visitors.

We offer a chef-driven food hall platform featuring a thoughtfully-curated mix of local food and beverage talent. We create destinations for the culinarily curious to explore a variety of new cuisines.Our projects feature an elevated food hall experience that encourages the exploration of shareable dishes in beautiful, inviting, and communal spaces.


Architects can come up with layouts, but you need to understand the consumer shopping mind when laying out a food hall. We specialize in aesthetics, functionality, and equipment, specifically for food halls.


When it comes time to get open, we have a tested framework to get all vendors organized, coordinated, and open on time. We manage development, operations, and press to ensure the best delivery on day 1.


We are a full service hospitality company with many years of experience on the front lines of the restaurant business. We know how to build and operate successful teams. And, specifically, within the food hall framework.